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Strengthen your body’s immune system naturally

Strengthen your body’s immune system naturally | Mr Vitamins
A strong immune system is vital for defending your body against harmful pathogens. Discover simple natural ways to improve the function of the immune system and thrive throughout the year! During the cold and flu season reach out for herbs that stimulate your immune system to
  • fight the infection
  • reduce fever and inflammation
  • relieve symptoms of congestion

How does your Immune System keep you well?

Your immune system is a very complex and intricate network of cells that have various functions. Your immune cells are like security guards keeping the bad guys out and allowing the good ones in. They are on constant watch.

Herbs and Nutrients to Boost your Immune System

In traditional Chinese medicine prevention of illness is valued more than a cure. Some of the Chinese Qi(energy) and Blood tonic herbs that may help to strengthen your immunityinclude Astragalus and Siberian ginseng. Your immune system also relies on a regular supply of specific nutrients including Zinc and Vitamin C to function optimally. If you’re struggling with a dry or productive cough you can relieve your symptoms with traditional herbs such as Elecampaneand White Horehound. Get our Top Tips for a Strong Immune System here

Mr Vitamins recommends

Fusion Health herbal and nutritional supplements to strengthen your immune health:
  • Fusion cough Lung, Cold& Flu Zinc, Astra 8 ActiviralZinc Advanced contains readily absorbable Zinc Glycinate to support your immunity
  • Astra 8 Immune Tonic can help boost your defences against recurrent colds and flu
  • ActiViral is a high potency antiviral formula with Andrographis and Olive Leaf
  • Cold & Flu formula may help to reduce the severity and duration of mild respiratory infections
  • Cough Lung Tonic includes herbs are traditionally used to clear mucus from the lungs and assist in restoring their function
As always, whatever questions or concerns you have regarding supplementsto help improve your immune healthall you have to do is drop by Mr Vitamins and ‘Ask a Naturopath’