Sport Supplements That Pack A Punch

Sport Supplements photoWhether you’re a serious athlete or just like to keep fit and active, sport performance nutrition is a vital component of your healthy diet, delivering benefits that everyday food may not deliver. Sport supplementation not only gives you that elusive edge in performance, it may help address deficits in your diet that naturally result from hard training and competition. Sport supplement may aid your ability to train harder, adapt quicker and perform better, time and time again. Consistency is everything. All professional teams and athletes in this country, incorporate a sport supplement program at some level. Whether you’re a professional or social player, supplements are going to improve your game and possibly reduce your chance of injury. In this SPORT FEATURE we highlight some key sport supplement that can make a difference to the way you train, play and perform.

Which protein sport supplement should I take?

The type of protein you need will depend on your own sport goals:


Balance Massive 70:30 is the ultimate protein source to meet the high energy demands of training, ideal for ‘hard gainers’ who have difficulty gaining weight or maintaining muscle. This formula contains added glutamine, creatine and branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) for energy and muscle maintenance. Added carbohydrates deliver high energy to support fast recovery and support weight gain.


Balance 100% Whey Protein WPC/WPI is the ultimate protein source to meet the heavy demands of training, whether your priority is to help improve recovery, help build lean muscle or both. This advanced low-carbohydrate formula blends whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and hydrolysed whey protein concentrate to deliver 24.1g of protein per serve. Arginine and glutamine are added to further support growth.


Balance Ultra Ripped Protein is an ultra-high protein, low carb, low fat powder for the ultimate lean, ripped body. It contains Whey Protein Isolate as the sole protein source with added thermogenics, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to assist in the release and transport of stored fat for energy. The formula includes green tea extract, caffeine, carnitine, chromium, choline, inositol and Super Citrimax® (HCA). A highlight article from theOctober issue of Go Vita Go Magazine