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Spice up your life with natural drug-free alternatives for Pain Relief

Spice up your life with natural drug-free alternatives for Pain Relief | Mr Vitamins
Pain and inflammation from arthritis can keep you from having an active life but Curcumin combined with Boswellia can provide pain relief to help you get back into the swing of things. This spice and herb combination can help reduce and prevent the inflammation that causes pain:
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves back and joint pain
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Relieves mild headaches

How do these two natural remedies help pain relief?

  • Curcumin

    Curcumin comes from the spice turmeric and is known for giving Indian curry spice its color and taste. Chinese medicine practitioners have used Curcumin for centuries to treat inflammation and digestive disorders. This spice has the ability to block the body’s enzymes and cytokines that cause inflammation. One study showed that curcumin lessened joint pain and swelling better than NSAID’s, (non-steroidal drugs.) Curcumin also helps prevent DNA loss when cells replicate. When cells lose DNA data they lose bits of their information, which can lead to disease and aging.


  • Boswellia serrata

    Boswellia, better known as Frankinsense is a resin from the Boswellia tree, which grows in India and the Arabian peninsula. It's medicinal properties have been prized since antiquity and modern science has now established that it has immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. The main active constituents of boswellia are the boswellic acids, which are probably responsible for the inhibition of the inflammatory mediator 5-lipoxygenase. Other factors block cytokines, which again are responsible for causing inflammation.


Other helpful ways to decrease inflammation from arthritis

  • DietReduce your intake of wheat, dairy, sugar and processed foods, as they all contribute to inflammation. Add more leafy green vegetables, fruit, fish and whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa. Drink at least 8 medium sized glasses of spring water per day.
  • ExerciseLow impact exercise such as walking, swimming, yoga or tai chi can help keep both you and your joints moving in a good way.

Mr Vitamins recommends

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