The New Year means it's Detox Time!

Senior Woman Eating Healthy SaladA detoxification program is like a ‘spring clean’ for your body and a brand new year is a great time to do a detox. Detoxifying every now and then helps to decrease your toxic load by enhancing your detoxification pathways (liver, bowels, skin, lymph, kidney and lungs) to promote good health and wellbeing.

Detox Benefits

The benefits of detoxification may include:
  • increased energy and vitality,
  • clearer skin,
  • improved concentration,
  • clarity of thought,
  • enhanced immune function and digestion,
  • regular bowel movements,
  • decreased inflammation,
  • health improvements generally and
  • maybe even a little weight loss!!
Like most of us, if you’re short on time you can fast-track your detox to around 2 weeks whereas a slower detox can take between 6 – 8 weeks to complete.

How to fast-track your detox in 3 easy steps

Combine steps 1-2-3 simultaneously for 2 weeks:
  • Step 1: ClearClear out unfriendly microbes including bacteria, parasites, worms, fungi and viruses which typically infect the digestive system. Traditional herbs such as European Wormwood and Black Walnut plus Thyme and Oregano essential oils effectively stun, paralyse and eliminate unfriendly microbes helping to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Step 2: CleanClean out toxins from each elimination channel to support healthy liver function and protect you from free radical damage. Dandelion and St. Mary's thistle have a long history of traditional use in supporting liver detoxification, liver and gallbladder health and help relieve dyspeptic complaints, such as poor digestion and loss of appetite.
  • Step 3: RepairRepair and restore your body with effective probiotics that help to re-establish healthy intestinal flora levels by reducing the growth of unhealthy intestinal bacteria and maintaining balanced, healthy intestinal flora.

'Go' Foods:

  • Fresh vegetables, herbs &  fruits (preferably organic or well washed)
  • Raw, soaked nuts & seeds
  • Spring or filtered water daily (around 2 litres) & herbal teas
  • Lean protein sources including fish, organic chicken, protein shakes. Keep red meat to a minimum & no pork
  • Fermented foods including tempeh, miso soup, sauerkraut, natural yoghurt & kefir

‘Stop’ Foods:

  • Artificial preservatives, colourings, flavourings, sweeteners & GM foods
  • All sugars & dried fruits
  • Highly processed foods: deli meats, most canned food, junk & fast foods
  • Alcohol of any kind
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oils & excessive saturated fats
  • Coffee, black tea, soft drinks & fruit juice drinks
  • Known allergen foods such as wheat, gluten & dairy

General Detox Tips:

Cleansing exercises:
  • walking,
  • yoga,
  • stretching,
  • steam rooms and
  • deep breathing
Dry skin brushing daily before your shower Detox bath once a week: add 1 cup Epsom salts and 6-8 drops of lemongrass essential oil to warm bath water & relax Meditation & deep breathing to detoxify your mind and lungs.

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Herbs of Gold Products to Clear, Clean and Repair Find out more about Herbs of Gold Clear, Clean and Repair for your New Year Detox here 'Ask a naturopath' for more details on how to ‘fast-track’ your New Year Detox.