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Change your Thinking skills to boost your Brain Power

Change your Thinking skills to boost your Brain Power | Mr Vitamins
You are what you think. The mind is incredibly powerful and like a wild stallion that requires taming, or it runs you.
Henry Ford said "If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you can't."
How do you change your thinking skills?

1.  Monitor your thoughts

Select a day and stop frequently to just simply write down your thoughts. Most people have a huge percentage of negative thoughts compared with positive ones.  Look for patterns of negative thoughts as these will give you a clue to underlying negative belief systems. Until you do a check on your thoughts, you will not know how positive or negative your thoughts are during the day

2.  Practice Mindfulness

This is simply focusing our attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgement. It helps to be looking at every situation that may prompt a negative reaction from different perspectives and asking better questions  eg.
  • how can this help me grow
  • what is the benefit to me
  • what is the higher lesson for me
There are many courses on Mindfulness and much information on the Internet

3.  Do some Mind training

There are many courses on subjects such as Critical Thinking, Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Memory Techniques that can be done. The most powerful is Mind Mapping which changes the way your think and uses both sides of the brain in an organic manner. You can also learn these techniques on the Internet, especially on YouTube

4. Stimulate your Brain with Light and Sound

The best way to stimulate your Brain is with light and sound.

The power of using Light 

Getting more sunlight into your body is highly beneficial and stimulating for the brain. Reducing the use of sunglasses where possible and safe is helpful. Sun gazing using safe techniques at dawn and dusk is highly beneficial for the brain. This requires some research before you try it. A great way to supercharge your brain with light energy is to have a session with the Lucia Light - available for a limited time at the Mr Vitamins Clinic

How the Lucia Light Experience works The Lucia light stimulates the visual cortex of the brain as you watch the constant and flickering light with your eyes closed. Your brain releases "happy hormones"  like serotonin, dopamine and DMT. You feel relaxed, happy and your brain states shift. The end result is less stress, clear mind and better focus and concentration. The benefit before exams and in particular when stressed is profound.

Using the Sound effect for your Brain

Sound stimulation is very powerful in changing body states. Music moves the soul and body. Hence the right sort of music, particularly uplifting music with solfeggio frequencies is highly beneficial. Music also helps you relax and change your mood. During the Lucia light sessions, you get to listen to specially selected relaxing solfeggio music to create a space of empowerment that enhances the light session.