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Natural Home cleaning made easy

Natural Home cleaning made easy | Mr Vitamins
From your bathroom to your kitchen, your home is most likely filled with cleansers that you use to clean your body and home on a daily basis. While maintaining cleanliness is a good recipe for good health, the very cleansers you use may be harming your health. And that is not a good trade-off!

Soaps, Detergents, and Disinfectants…oh my!

For generations now, people have been convinced that soaps, detergents, and disinfectants are essential for really getting things clean. Consequently, you probably do not really think about the chemicals that are loaded into these agents. So, it raises the question, “Just how safe are these cleaning agents?”

Studies show cleansers are toxic and not as effective as once thought

As it turns out, the chemicals found in the cleansers you use on your body and in your home are quite toxic and may be doing more harm than good to your health. And research shows that using those chemicals do not significantly reduce illness. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives available. Non-toxic disinfectants include mild soap and water as well as other products from companies that have vowed to produce environmentally safe cleansers. Any of these are good options for maintaining your personal hygiene and household cleaning.

What about the kitchen?!

Similar to the bathroom, the kitchen presents some of the toughest and dirtiest cleaning duties. For that reason, researchers sought out to discover a simple, yet natural, all-purpose cleanser that could be used in the kitchen and the bathroom. Here’s what they found:
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide followed by vinegar kills virtually all harmful bacteria
  • This combination was most effective when used separately
  • Fill one spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and another spray bottle with vinegar
  • Spray the surface you wish to clean with the hydrogen peroxide first
  • Then spray the same surface with the vinegar
This process destroyed Salmonella, Shigella, and E. coli bacteria, which are three well-known food contaminants. Some other overlooked, yet potent disinfectants are coconut oil and sunlight. Consider rubbing coconut oil on your kitchen surfaces (especially cutting boards) and drying your laundry in the sun. For more natural disinfecting ideas, you can ‘Ask a Naturopath’ here at Mr Vitamins.

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