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Mr Vitamins Events: Workshop Review

Mr Vitamins Events: Workshop Review | Mr Vitamins
Another great workshop was presented for Mr Vitamins Events by Naturopath, Brad McEwen. Amelia Marks reviews the workshops here...

Are You Taking The Right Supplements?

  Brad McEwen A wealth of useful and easily understandable information from a very experienced Naturopath and skilled presenter. Brad took much trouble to explain how most of the popular supplements work and, importantly, at what time of day to take them for maximum results. He spoke in depth about what strengths of important nutrients to look for on labelling and, whilst emphasising that dosages are individual and tailored to each person’s needs, gave us general dosage guidelines. Additionally, Brad gave us some insights into how a Naturopath works and how he observes each individual who comes to him for help. He is able to assess each person’s needs from their appearance, body language and posture as well as taking a full case history and analysing results of blood tests etc.  Well worth an individual appointment I am thinking!