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Mindfulness: A Boost for Your Social, Emotional, and Physical Life

Mindfulness: A Boost for Your Social, Emotional, and Physical Life | Mr Vitamins
Have you ever stopped to think about how much your brain does on a day-to-day basis? If not then you have never experienced the many benefits of Mindfulness and your brain may be stuck in overdrive! Research shows that our brains are busier than ever thanks in large part to the Internet, smartphones, and social media. While all this multitasking may seem necessary to just get everything done, you are actually reprogramming your brain to constantly seek distraction. This forfeit of quiet moments from information overload harms your brain as well as your overall health; however, Mindfulness may be just the rescue you need.

What is Mindfulness and why do you need it?

Mindfulness involves stopping all outward activities to reflect on inward activities like your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. It can be summarised in one word—Awareness. Mindfulness can also mean just being aware of nature, or your immediate surroundings. You can also think of it as an opportunity to focus on the present instead of constantly thinking of the past or future. It provides an escape from common sources of anxiety, stress, and worry. For these reasons, many individuals have said they developed positive emotions, eliminated distractions, and improved focus after practicing mindfulness for just a short period of time.

More reasons to add Mindfulness to your daily life…

Mindfulness also:
  • Improves brain function and focus
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Manages pain and blood sugar levels
  • Slows ageing
  • Promotes quality sleep and better immunity
  • Supports health pregnancy

Just take a deep breath!

Considering all its benefits, mindfulness may sound like a difficult or time-consuming task, but it is not! The first step you can take is to tone down your electronic distractions. For example, check your email and social media only once or twice per day and turn off phone and computer notifications. Next, avoid multitasking and spread activities out over the course of the week. You will be surprised how much more you get done. Finally, ‘Ask a Naturopath’ about available resources for learning mindful meditation and deep breathing techniques.

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Janne Ramsay Naturopath

Janne Ramsay is a Naturopath and Nutritionist. She has experience in assessing how stress is affecting your health and providing appropriate and individual nutritional, dietary and lifestyle recommendations so that you can deal with the causes and symptoms of stress and get back to a healthier you. Find out more about Janne here