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How many fish oil capsules do you take every day?

Sardine Shoal PhotoWhy a fish oil concentrate may be an easier option

There are a myriad of great reasons to take Omega 3 oils. Known for their role in reducing the pain of arthritis, the inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease and asthma, as well as its role in maintaining a healthy heart, their benefits are difficult to ignore. But whilst many of us take multiple fish oil capsules a day to receive these benefits, new technologies are now creating concentrated extracts. This means you take less capsules daily to receive the same benefits as multiple standard 1000mg fish oil capsules.

Arthritis health benefits

Consuming enough fresh fish or standard fish oil capsules can be a challenge, especially when the Arthritis Foundation recommends 2700mg of Omega 3 from fish every day.  If you are taking standard 1000mg fish oil capsules, this means taking as many as 9-a-day. If you choose a high potency concentrated fish oil capsule, this number can reduced to as few as 3.

Eczema and Omega 3 oils

Receiving the anti-inflammatory benefits of fish oil if you suffer from the skin condition eczema, can make all the difference to your experience of itchy, blotchy, irritated skin. Dosage recommendations for Omega 3s can reach up beyond 3600mg of Omega 3 oils, meaning you need to take up to 12 standard fish oil capsules, or up to 4 concentrated Omega 3 capsules containing 900mg of total Omega 3s (EPA & DHA) per capsule.

Heart and Cholesterol

High in essential fatty acids, fish oil may help you maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels as it supports your overall heart health and circulation. Taken in coordination with a diet rich in fibre from whole grains (especially Oats), fruits, and vegetables, Omega 3s from oily fish and fish oil supplementation can help to reduce your overall cardiac risk factors.

Why take Nutra-Life Triple Strength Omega 3?

With 900mg total Omega 3 per capsule (exactly three times the EPA and three times the DHA as a standard 1000mg fish oil capsule), improved potency means ONE Nutra-Life Triple Strength Omega 3 capsule equates to taking THREE standard fish oil capsules.

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