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Do you know what you’re really drinking?

Do you know what you’re really drinking? | Mr Vitamins
If someone told you that you had been secretly medicated without your consent, how would you react? On top of that, suppose that same person told you that there was no way to measure how large a dose you received let alone how many other people in your family were affected? Well, we would like to tell you this scenario is hypothetical; however, it is disturbingly true. That secret medication is fluoride, but there is nothing good about it. Once thought necessary to protect and strengthen your teeth, fluoride is in fact a toxin that weakens your teeth and causes a long list of other serious health conditions. Despite the efforts of New Zealand, Israel, and some North American cities, fluoride is still widely used. Nevertheless, after reading this article you will know where fluoride often lurks as well as how you can go about protecting your family and yourself.

If Fluoride protects the teeth, then what is Dental Fluorosis?

As its name indicates, dental fluorosis is tooth enamel damage caused by excessive fluoride exposure. This growing condition led scientists to research if fluoride had any effect in preventing cavities. And much to their surprise, tested participants with fluoridated water had more cavities than those without fluoridated water.

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So, excessive fluoride exposure clearly does not protect your teeth. And that excessive fluoride exposure comes from a variety of places including tap water, toothpastes, and mouthwashes.

Yet Fluoride doesn’t stop at your teeth…

Further studies in China, India, Iran, and Mexico revealed that water fluoridation reduces children’s IQs. Moreover, fluoride wrecks even more havoc in the bodies of children and adults. Fluoride:
  • Builds up on the pineal gland This affects melatonin production necessary for regulating your sleep/wake cycle; it also disrupts the onset of puberty
  • Increases aluminum levels in the brain and lead levels in the blood This increases heavy metal toxicity throughout your body as well as your risk of brain disease
  • Limits brain development This impairs your ability to learn along with your memory and cognition
  • Inhibits antibody production This compromises the majority of your immune system and increases your risk of developing autoimmune disease.
  • Suppresses the thyroid gland This can lead to hypothyroidism and its symptoms of reduced energy, low sex drive, and weight gain
  • Hinders DNA repair This along with a compromised immune system provides ideal conditions for cancer development

What you can do stop your Fluoride toxicity

Fortunately, fluoride toxicity is reversible with detoxification and changes in your habits. Switch from fluoridated to non-fluoridated dental care products. Also, purchase a good quality water filter to remove fluoride from the tap water you use for drinking and bathing. You can always ‘Ask a Naturopath’ to help you with these changes. Water Fluoridation Conference Sydney 21 Feb 2015


Water Fluoridation Conference (Sydney) – Exploring the Science

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When:  Saturday 21 Feb 2015, 9.30am – 4.30pm

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