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Love Your Heart: Why CoQ10 is key

Love Your Heart: Why CoQ10 is key | Mr Vitamins
Coenzyme Q10One key to a healthy heart and help with anti-ageing is Coenzyme Q10. Not everyone understands what this vital enzyme is or what it does. so here are some questions and answers as to how CoQ10 can benefit you: Q: I have never heard of Coenzyme Q10; what is it?  A: Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like substance that fires up your cells, producing energy for your whole body. Every cell in your body needs CoQ10 to function, so naturally the areas with the highest energy requirements (such as your heart) also have the highest need for CoQ10 . Q: If Co-enzyme Q10 is so vital for your organs, what happens when you have a CoQ10 deficiency?  A: The reality is that if the cells in your organs don’t have enough CoQ10, they don’t have enough energy to function. Take your heart as an example; it pumps about five litres of blood around your body per minute. If your heart didn’t have enough energy to do this, you would experience cardiovascular problems (directly related to a lack of blood flow), such as fatigue, muscle weakness or even heart failure. Q: Why do healthcare professionals recommend taking a CoQ10 supplement when you’re on cholesterol-lowering medication?  A: Ironically, while cholesterol-lowering medications are designed to help your heart, they can significantly deplete your CoQ10 levels. Healthcare professionals recommend supplementing these medications with CoQ10 so that your cells have enough energy to keep your heart functioning at an optimal level.

Medications and Co-enzyme Q10

Q: Are there any other medications that can deplete your body of CoQ10?  A: The short answer? Yes. The long answer is that there are a multitude of medications that can diminish your CoQ10 levels, including Beta Blockers (blood pressure medication), Statins, Thiazide diuretics (to aid fluid build-up), some antidepressants and even some oral contraceptive pills. If you’re concerned about any medication you’re taking, talk to your healthcare professional. They’ll be able to advise you about whether your CoQ10 levels might be affected, and whether supplementing CoQ10 is necessary. Q: I am not on any medication. Are there other reasons for taking CoQ10?  A: Absolutely! Both your immune system and liver are highly energy-dependent tissues that require good levels of CoQ10 to function efficiently.  Keeping your levels up will help to keep sniffles at bay and improve your metabolism. CoQ10 is also a powerful antioxidant and a valuable weapon for battling fatigue. While CoQ10 occurs naturally in the body, it often depletes with age (and medication).Supplementing this incredible energy source can do wonders for your heart, your overall bodily functions and your vitality. They say you’re only young once… but you might as well prolong that period as much as possible and CoQ10 could be just the thing to help you do that.

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