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Important keys to Arthritis prevention

Important keys to Arthritis prevention | Mr Vitamins
Arthritis prevention is one of the most valuable things you can do for your health as Osteoarthritis is Australia’s most common chronic joint disease, causing pain and disability. There are a number of risk factors for osteoarthritis including obesity, joint injury, and repetitive strain.

Three key characteristics of osteoarthritis are:

  • inflammation of the tissues in and around the joints
  • damage to cartilage, the strong, smooth surface that lines the bones and allows joints to move easily
  • bony growths that develop around the edge of the joints
Osteoarthritis occurs mostly in your knees, hips and small joints of the hands and base of the big toe, but any of your joints can be affected.

There are many effective natural arthritis prevention and treatment options

  • Glucosamineis found naturally in the fluid around our joints.It is present in animal bones, shellfish and fungi and plays a vital role in building cartilage.A randomised, placebo-controlled trial involving 202 patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis over three years, found that glucosamine supplementation significantly improved symptoms of joint pain and reduced function and delayed further joint damage
  • Chondroitin Sulphate is essential for the structure of your joints. According to the Arthritis Foundation, chondroitin is believed to enhance shock-absorbing characteristics of collagen and also to block enzymes that break down cartilage. It may help cartilage retain water and when used together with glucosamine, chondroitin may reverse cartilage loss, and assist in the process of regenerating cartilage, thereby reducing the pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis
  • Celery has been used for many years by herbalists for its analgesic, and anti –inflammatory actions, along with its ability to rid the body of excess fluid and swelling which improves joint mobility. Celery helps rid the body of acidic metabolites from the kidneys, which can cause arthritis and gout
  • Krill Oil - Krill is a small crustacean found in the Southern Antarctic Oceans. It is a rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acids which helps reduce inflammation and temporarily reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis. Krill oil may help assist in the management of osteoarthritis, reduce joint stiffness and improve joint function
  • Green Lipped Mussel is a shellfish native to the New Zealand coast. It was noted that Maoris living in coastal regions of New Zealand, who included green lipped mussel as a staple food in their diet, had a lower incidence of arthritis than European or inland Maori populations. This triggered research into the anti-inflammatory effects of green lipped mussel which has shown that GLM may help reduce pain, maintain joint function and joint mobility and reduce morning joint stiffness associated with some forms of arthritis

Arthritis Prevention Diet Recommendations

  • Natural therapists have long maintained that foods high in purines have contributed to gout (a form or arthritis), so reduce organ meats (liver, kidneys), anchovies, sardines, caviar, and beer
  • Make sure you include plenty of fresh vegetables in your diet, but avoid the nightshade vegetables, (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, and tobacco)
  • Eat plenty of fruits, especially pigment-rich berries since they contain anthocyanidins, which enhance collagen matrix integrity and structure, whole grains, flax seed oil, deep ocean fish (anti-inflammatory omega 3 oils) and nuts
  • Avoid sugar, refined flour products, processed foods, fast foods, saturated fats (animal and dairy products) and hydrogenated oils

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