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How to increase IVF success

How to increase IVF success | Mr Vitamins
Each year thousands of couples use IVF to try and achieve their dream of becoming parents. For women over 35 the success rate is around 30% per cycle. For older women the success rate is a lot lower. It is becoming more apparent that eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and taking nutritional supplements can increase your chances of IVF success. Some of the leading IVF clinics (including Genea in Sydney) incorporate a holistic health program to improve IVF success rates.

Natural Conception vs IVF

It is always best to try conceiving naturally first. However, there are some circumstances such as previous cancer treatment, structural problems and some reproductive disorders like endometriosis, which make conception more difficult and this is where IVF can really help.

How does a Preconception Program improve your chances of successful conception?

IVF is a remarkable technology and, when undertaking a preconception program, beginning at least three months before trying for a baby, there are often increased rates of success. It takes 3 months for the eggs and sperm to form, so it is important in this preconception period that the healthiest lifestyle choices are taken to achieve the most successful and healthiest outcome.

A preconception program may include the following:

  • Acupuncture
  • Healthy weight  - with a Body Mass Index (BMI) below 31
  • Stress relief techniques - e.g. yoga and meditation. Look for books or courses on positive thinking. Anxiety can have an adverse result on fertility
  • Natal Multi Vitamin supplements– contains all essential nutrient’s for health of eggs
  • Balanced diet – especially including a wide variety of fresh vegetables
  • Co Q10 supplement – improves the health of sperm and eggs – a very strong anti-oxidant
  • Ensure adequate iron levels – again a supplement may be necessary
  • Vitamin D – both eggs and sperm have vitamin D receptors, so get yours checked
  • Check your sperm health – a sperm analysis should be performed 3 months before IVF
  • Medicinal herbs to balance hormones if required
The preconception program will help you get the best conception results, whether or not you are using IVF. Tailoring a specific Pre-Conception Program for you and your partner should be done under the guidance of an experienced Naturopath who will tailer a program to your specific needs. N.B. It is important that no medicinal herbs with hormonal activities are used during the IVF cycle. Supplements with blood thinning properties should also be stopped 10 days before egg retrieval.

Ask a Naturopath

A naturopath can have a special interest in Natural Fertility, using their expertise in diet along with supplements and herbs to help a client achieve healthy conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Learn more about Mr Vitamins Naturopaths here....