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How To Build Muscle In Ketosis

How To Build Muscle In Ketosis | Mr Vitamins
Looking to build muscle with your workout program? But, at the same time, want to stick with the ketogenic diet plan? You may be feeling a bit of confusion in this goal set because it’s often stated that you need carbohydrates to build muscle and perform exercise optimally. And, that does tend to be true. However, this doesn’t mean success can’t be had. You just need the right approach. Here’s what to know.

Consider The Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

If you really want to stay in ketosis as often as possible but at the same time, consider using the cyclic ketogenic diet plan. This diet plan is going to allow for you to eat carbohydrates over the weekend (2 days usually) and then move back into ketosis during the week. The benefit to doing this is that you’ll get to restore your muscle glycogen, which will then be used as a fuel source during intense weight lifting activity. Since weight lifting is one of the prerequisites for building lean muscle mass tissue, you have to ensure you are including it. Adding carbohdyrates at some point in the diet is really the only way to do this. Or, alternatively, consider the targeted ketogenic diet. With this version, you’ll have some carbohydrates every time you workout – eating a small dose prior to the workout session. Some people find that this really helps with their energy level as well so they can put in the most intense workout session possible.

Ensure A Calorie Surplus

The next thing you must do is make sure that you are using a calorie surplus. This can be challenging for many people who are doing the ketogenic diet because the high fat nature of the diet plan tends to blunt your appetite. Most people naturally take in fewer calories when in ketosis and you will need to take inmore. The good news though is because fat is so calorie dense, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to eat all that much more food. Focus on adding more healthy fats to your menu so that you can bring your calorie intake to where it needs to be. To build half a kilo of  muscle per week, you’ll want to consume around 500 calories more per day (as there is 7000 calories per kilo of body weight). Do keep in mind that you will gainsome fat while building muscle (this is normal), so it won’t be entirely lean muscle mass. Then once you’ve built up as much muscle as you desire, you can do a short dieting phase to melt the fat off the body and reveal all your hard work. Building muscle in ketosis definitely is possible if you have the right approach. Keep these factors in mind and make sure that your diet and workout are in check. Then train hard and be consistent. You’ll be seeing results.

Richard Taylor

Richard is a certified Personal Trainer with a strong background in competitive team sports and athletics. He believes that exercise should be enjoyed and social, which is the approach he takes with his clients. Richard specialises in exercise for weight loss. He is available for 1-on-1 Personal Training, Small Group Training and Corporate Personal Training in the Lower North Shore area.  Book a FREE fat loss consultation to discover what he can do for your health. Read more about Richard here