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Honey scare unfounded!

Honey scare unfounded! | Mr Vitamins
A recent article from ’The Age’ reported that Irish research claimed local Australian honey was contaminated with high concentrations of natural poisons linked to disease.

In response to the Honey Scare

“The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council says that the results of the Irish research were based on outdated information about the amount of honey produced from the Paterson's curse plant.”
These results were based on outdated information from honey that is not widely available and relates only to honey from Paterson’s Curse plants. The Honey Council has been...
“Working to remove the risk of plant toxins by "managing out" the supply of Paterson's curse honey in Australia.” and they say "the amount of honey produced from this agricultural weed has declined dramatically over the last decade to "next to nothing".
It is always wise to know the source of your food, so for our customers; Mr Vitamns always recommends only the highest quality raw honey or, for even more nutritional benefits, honey directly from the Honeycomb. For more information about honey and its benefits and to find out which honey is the best one for your needs, visit Mr Vitamins stores and ‘ask a Naturopath’.

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