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Are Heavy Metals destroying your Health?

Woman with headacheIf you regularly feel fatigued, suffer from headaches or migraines, are prone to mood swings, and regularly experience cold and flu symptoms, it may be that you are experiencing symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. With so many of our foods and lifestyle choices today, we are more and more exposed to heavy metals, toxins and chemicals, in a way like never before.  These heavy metals, once accumulated in our bodies, can create serious damage to our health and wellbeing. But, there is a simple solution to removing these heavy metals naturally! It is time to empower ourselves so that we can protect ourselves from the damaging effects on our systems – with one of the world’s oldest natural remedies – CLAY!

How do heavy metals destroy Your health?

Much of our food contains genetically modified organisms, artificial colours and flavours, sweeteners and preservatives.  Many of our personal care products contain chemicals, synthetic bulkers and artificial fragrances.  Our prescriptive medications, our kids’ toys, our clothes and homes, our cleaning products, our cars, our air-conditioners and computers, all of these things used regularly and daily, expose us to these chemicals in a big way. Perhaps some of the worst heavy metal contaminants found in our foods, and which can have serious implications on our health, include mercury, lead and cadmium.  The reason these become a health issue is that they can accumulate in our bodies with extended exposure or intake, and when they do so, they severely impact on our digestive and immune systems, and thereby undermine our health and wellbeing.
  • Mercury can be widely found in our fish and seafood which is found in contaminated waters.  It can also sometimes be found in our meat because of environmental pollution in the fields where they graze.  If you are over a certain age, chances are mercury is also found our fillings.  Long term exposure to mercury can negatively affect our central nervous system, our brain function and is known to contribute to reproductive health issues.  It can also lead to serious issues for an unborn fetus.
  • Lead is considered to be one of the most harmful metals to our health, and especially to our children’s developing bodies.  Found in contaminated old water pipes, paints, and pesticides, it enters the blood stream through ingestion or inhalation.  Many food types, including fruit and vegetables, meat, grains and seafood can have traces of lead.   High levels of lead in the body can lead to problems with blood pressure and kidney functioning.
  • Cadmium,another harmful heavy metal,is usually found in foods, and is common in cigarette smoke.  Once it enters into the blood stream, it is then transported into our organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs.
Toxins and heavy metals can be found in highly processed and packaged foods, in our kids’ toys and in the products we use on our skin, to clean our teeth and wash our clothes. Chronic heavy metal exposure is now linked to damage in the brain, central nervous system, to depression, thyroid disease, a number of degenerative diseases pertaining to our major organs and to an increase risk of some cancers.   The build-up of heavy metals in our systems can undermine the effectiveness of our bodies to perform optimally.

How do toxins weaken Your health and wellbeing?

Our body has an inbuilt mechanism designed to naturally detoxify itself. However, when we are exposed to thousands of commonly used chemicals it can be difficult for the body to maintain its ability to detoxify itself, and it is placed under considerable duress.  The US Environmental Protection Agency recognizes approximately 80,000 commonly used chemicals in our foods, products and daily lives.  Over-use can overwhelm our immune system with free radicals that cause oxidative stress, the number one cause for disease. Our Naturopaths will tell you that our digestive system is critical to our wellbeing and is important for a well-functioning body.  A healthy digestive systems allows the absorption of nutrients required by the body to function, and also protects us from parasites, viruses, bad bacteria and other toxins. When your system is overloaded with too many toxins, your body struggles to cope and can lead to a range of autoimmune disorders or chronic inflammatory diseases. A simple hair analysis from our naturopaths can identify the level of heavy metals and toxins in your system.

What can You do?

Drink a glass of green clay every day! Seriously! A quality green marine clay binds to heavy metals, toxins and chemicals in the digestive tract Green marine clay is a very simple and effective way to remove heavy metals and chemical contaminants from the surface tissue of the body on a daily basis, preventing the build-up.   The clay, mixed with water, creates a negatively charged environment.  As it passes through your digestive tract, it draws to it, a bit like a magnet, chemicals, synthetics and toxins.

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