More good reasons to eat your fruit and veggies!

More good reasons to eat your fruit and veggies! | Mr Vitamins

High fruit and vegetable consumption slashes Bladder Cancer risk in women by half

Bladder cancer diagnoses have been steadily on the rise over the past two decades in the US (and Australia too), as the most aggressive forms of the disease strike more than 75,000 people annually, accounting for nearly 20,000 deaths. As with many forms of cancer, bladder cancer incidence increases as a result of poor dietary habits that diminish intake of essential vitamins and minerals over the course of many years and through ingestion of toxins from commonly used cosmetics as well as exposure to household and environmental pollutants.

Antioxidants and Vitamins A, C and E from Fruits and Vegetables Reduces Cancer Risk Among Women

A research team from the University of Hawaii Cancer Center have published the results of a study in the Journal of Nutritionthat explains how women who increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables can significantly reduce their risk of developing invasive bladder cancer. Prior studies have confirmed the direct connection between the risk of developing many forms of cancer, including bladder cancer, and fruit and vegetable consumption.Fruits and vegetables contain a host of nutrients and phytochemicals, as well as antioxidants which create a protective shield against cancer. To carry out their study, the team of scientists analyzed a cohort of 185,885 men and women over the course of 12.5 years to determine the relationship among dietary, lifestyle, genetic factors, and cancer risk. During the study period, 581 cases of invasive bladder cancer were diagnosed (152 women and 429 men), leading investigators to draw important conclusions about dietary intake and the risk of bladder cancer among women.

Target Ten Daily Servings of Fruits and Vegetables to Cut Bladder Cancer Risk

Researchers adjusted for confounding factors such as age, smoking status and physical activity to determine that women who consumed the most fruits and vegetables had the lowest bladder cancer risk. After a detailed analysis of foods eaten the team found that women who consumed the most yellow-orange vegetables were 52 percent less likely to have bladder cancer than women consuming the least yellow-orange vegetables. The scientists also gleaned that women with the highest intake of vitamins A, C, and E had the lowest risk of bladder cancer. Surprisingly, there was no association found between fruit and vegetable intake and invasive bladder cancer in men. It will come as no surprise to those who follow natural health practices that a diet packed with fresh vegetables and fruits contributes significantly to optimal health and well-being, as it has been shown to lower the incidence of heart disease, diabetes, dementia and many lines of cancer. The study authors concluded Our study supports the fruit and vegetable recommendation for cancer prevention… however, further investigation is needed to understand and explain why the reduced cancer risk with higher consumption of fruits and vegetables was confined to only women." Nutrition experts recommend at least ten daily servings of fruits and raw or lightly steamed vegetables to fight disease maintain health and lower the risk of bladder cancer.

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Mr Vitamins guest author, John Phillip is a USA-based Nutritional Consultant and Health Researcher  who writes regularly on the cutting edge use of diet, lifestyle modifications and targeted supplementation to enhance and improve the quality and length of life.

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