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Five simple tips to have more energy

Five simple tips to have more energy | Mr Vitamins
Are you tired all the time? If you’re in need of an energy boost, here are five ways to help put some bounce back in your step.

1. Get more sleep

It sounds obvious, but many of us go week after week without getting enough sleep. When you’re busy working, studying or looking after your family, it’s common to think of rest as a luxury you can’t afford and to try to get by on as little as you can, but the reality is that being chronically tired reduces your ability to perform at your best at home, school, work or play. Most of us need at least 7 hours of good quality sleep per night in order to function effectively – and possibly even more in order to thrive and feel energised every day.

2. Stop relying on caffeine and sugar to pep you up

When you’re tired, it’s easy to fall prey to the temptation of sugary and carbohydrate-laden snacks or to rely on a strong cup of coffee to keep you going. These indulgences may feel good in the short term and may even pep you up for a while, but the energy they produce isn’t long lasting, and may soon be followed by a slump in which you feel even more tired than you did before. Instead, drink plenty of water, and sustain your energy levels by eating a nutritious diet based on fresh produce, whole grains and a serving of lean protein at every meal. In between, snack on high-protein foods like a small handful of nuts rather than something sweet.

3. Support your body’s energy production by taking a multi

If you know your diet isn’t as good as it should be, taking a multivitamin may help to help offset any nutritional shortfalls. When shopping for your multi, choose a formula that’s been specially formulated to help maximise natural cellular energy production and help your body achieve peak energy levels every day. The body relies on a form of energy called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to power all its functions and processes, so key nutrients to look for in an energy-supporting multi include those involved in its production, which occurs in the mitochondria of your cells. Examples include coenzyme Q10, carnitine, magnesium, alpha-Lipoic acid and the B-complex group of vitamins, including folic acid and biotin.

4. Move your body

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), regular exercise that gets your lungs pumping is considered vital to maintaining your levels of Qi (pronounced ‘chee’), the life force that powers all your physical, mental and emotional functions. So, if you’ve been telling yourself that you’re too tired to exercise, think again, and start to consider exercise as a tool that helps build your energy levels rather than yet another thing that depletes them. Aim for at least 30 minutes of activity every second day, and for optimal Qi-enhancing effects, try to exercise outdoors in an inspiring natural environment.

5. Herbs to reduce fatigue and increase energy

In TCM, herbs such as Korean Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng and Cordyceps have a long history of use for helping to reduce fatigue and lethargy, invigorate the body, and increase energy and vitality. From the traditional Chinese perspective, an effective energy tonic is one that’s carefully balanced to ensure that it helps generate healthy Qiwhile also strengthening the mind and spirit (collectively referred to as Shen). The herbs used to address fatigue in this way often also have additional benefits for helping to improve resistance to stress, supporting cognitive function and enhancing the quality of sleep to improve recovery during rest, so may further contribute to your wellbeing by helping to address those issues.

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