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The key to warming up this winter

Ginger teaA favourite ingredient among chefs everywhere, Ginger is an essential ingredient in a huge list of recipes. But there is more to Ginger than its flavour enhancing properties; it is an important medicinal herb in several traditional medicine systems, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and African traditional medicine. Ginger has also been referred to in ancient Greek, Roman and Arabic medical texts.

Warm up with Ginger

In Western herbal medicine, Ginger is a warming digestive tonic and can help with digestive problems such as nausea, indigestion and flatulence. The warming nature of Ginger makes it an excellent remedy for cold hands and feet and other symptoms associated with poor circulation, such as cramps, pins and needles, numbness and even chilblains. Apart from its value in cooking, Ginger can help add warmth and flavor to smoothies. The fresh root makes a wonderful warming tea, which can soothe when you are feeling a little chilly in winter or if you suspect you may be coming down with a cold.

More benefits to this great warming spice

With regard to nausea, studies have shown Ginger can help alleviate:
  • morning sickness
  • motion sickness
  • sea sickness and
  • post operative nausea and vomiting
It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and is commonly used to reduce inflammation in joints in conditions such as osteoarthritis and gout. The active constituents that are largely responsible for these medicinal effects are known as Ginerols, which also impart the characteristic pungent taste to Ginger. So if you're feeling a little chilly or out of sorts, Ginger may be just what you're looking for. Fresh is best, so chop some up and add it to your cooking or make it into a tea with some fresh lemon and a little raw honey.

Peter Radi - Naturopath and Nutritionist

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