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Essential oils for First Aid

Essential oils for First Aid | Mr Vitamins
In the broad spectrum of natural remedies available, essential oils are known for their ability to assist emotional and mental well being.  That is, chronic situations needing gentle long term use. Essential oils are also excellent in helping to fight infections and providing short term relief in acute situations, such as simple household first aid.
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Your Aromatic First Aid Kit

Here is a useful and effective aromatic first aid kit, and  few suggestions on how to use it:

lavender essential oil photoLavender

  • Pain relief – Use for any cuts bits stings and burns, alone or with other essential oils.  In this situation lavender can be used undiluted straight out of the bottle.
  • Calming – useful in a stressful situation and lowering blood pressure, just breathe the aroma in deeply.

Tea tree

  • Antiseptic – mix a little with lavender for cuts where there is fear of infection.
  • Antifungal – mix with geranium for long term use to fight fungal infections.


  • Antiviral – helps prevent, as well as treat colds and flu’s.  Steam inhalations are the best way to use oils here.
  • Mucolytic – aids any sort of coughing or sinus problems, mix a little with peppermint to feel you can breathe again.


  • Healing – helps with pain, bleeding and is also calming.
  • Antifungal – gentler than tea tree, good for long term use.

Clary sage

  • Antispasmodic – great for PMS pain or any type of spasm.  Add to a cream or carrier oil and apply to your whole pelvic area, front and back, for quick relief.
  • Sedative – mix with lavender for high blood pressure, or to calm anxiety.

Orange Essential Oil PhotoOrange

  • Calming – just inhaling the oil can help to lift your mood
  • Antiseptic – for infected wounds clean with tea tree and lavender, follow with geranium and orange to heal.


  • Aesthetic – just 1 drop of peppermint to 10 drops of any other oil will be enough to add a cooling effect.  Combine with lavender for headaches, or lavender and arnica for sprains
  • Anti-nausea – just smelling this oil will help to overcome feelings of nausea


  • Essential oils are best used diluted, for any where that pain relief is needed and the skin is not broken, Arnica can be used.
  • A great oil for bruises, just add essential oils for pain, spasm or inflammation as needed.
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