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Detox Cheats: How to Get More Out Of Your Detox

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Nature’s Sunshine 14 Day Detox is formulated to assist your body in eliminating toxins via your bowel. However, if you are keen to increase your body’s natural detoxing ability during the program, here are a few tips to get those toxins moving:
  • Visit a steam room. Sweating is going to boost toxin elimination via the kidneys and skin, therefore a great addition to your detox program.
  • Practise 10mins of deep breathing per day, as fresh air will increase elimination of toxins via the lungs.
  • Take a salt bath. They say that ‘bathing in Himalayan salts for 15-30 mins can yield the same detoxing results as fasting for 3 days’. Amongst other wondrous things it will stimulate circulation, hydrate and detoxify you skin and contains 84 essential minerals, including magnesium, potassium, bromide and calcium, which are readily absorbed into your skin during a 15-30 minute bath.
  • Try Bikram Yoga, it is yoga in a steam room, which means extra sweating and increased blood flow for increased toxin elimination.
  • Dry-skin body brushing. Brush you skin before you shower using a coarse bristle brush. This will improve circulation, and get rid of dead skin layers increasing detoxification through the skin. Brush with strong circular brush strokes from the feet and hands towards the heart.
  • Get a detox body wrap (or DIY with a friend using a good recipe from your favourite health blog/website). A body wrap can help draw out toxins through use of clay, exfoliate your skin, and infuse it with nutrients.
  • Get a Lymphatic massage. Not only is a massage relaxing, which alone does wonders for your health, it also helps move lymph flow and thus helps you eliminate more toxins.
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