What is Curcumin? The role of Turmeric in ancient and modern medicine

TurmericThe healing properties of Turmeric have been documented in ancient traditions – dating back beyond 600BC, to a time when plants were the dominant source of medical treatment. With an established use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and Indian culinary traditions, this healing plant has been used for centuries in the relief of rheumatic and digestive conditions.

Traditional use of Turmeric

Known for its mellow flavour, aromatic nature and digestive benefits, Turmeric was also traditionally sought after for its intense pigment (creating a vivid yellow similar to that found in Saffron), which was used in dyeing, amongst other things, the robes of Hindu priests. Prized for this precious yellow pigment, it was not until modern times that it was discovered that this colouring fraction was also responsible for the majority of the healing qualities of this versatile herb. Known as Curcumin, the yellow pigment found in Turmeric is responsible for conferring a number of health benefits. Found to be most beneficial in those that consume large quantities of the herb on a daily basis, the benefits of a high Turmeric diet can now be experienced by anyone, in the form of concentrated Curcumin extracts.

Benefits of Curcumin

Studied for its effectiveness as an extract, Curcumin has been shown to benefit a range of conditions when it is properly extracted from the whole Turmeric plant and used in therapeutic doses. New extracts involving phytosome technology, assure that the Curcumin is not only well extracted from the Turmeric plant, but that it is more bio-available (i.e. more active) in the body that Curcumin found in standard extracts or the whole plant itself.

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