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Collagen: The protein that holds us together

Collagen: The protein that holds us together | Mr Vitamins

From tendons and ligaments, to cartilage, bones, teeth, blood vessels, muscles, gut lining, spinal discs and your skin, collagen is the main structural protein found in your body, forming the majority part of the connective tissue that literally holds us together. By eating traditional diets you would have consumed more of the animal products including nutrient rich offal and connective tissue in a ‘head-to-tail’ approach than current Western society does. However an easy way to add collagen and gelatine to your everyday diet is with the Great Lakes powdered products.


Health Benefits of Collagen

Simply add a tablespoon to two to any liquid or food each day to enjoy these amazing health benefits:
  • Reduce symptoms, improve mobility, and slow damage and deterioration of joints from both rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis
  • Reduce scarring and promote tissue repair – sports and other injuries; ongoing tissue damage; post-surgery; wrinkle formation and sun damaged skin
  • Enable healthy bone matrix production and teeth mineralisation
  • Anti-inflammatory action throughout the body due to high glycine, proline & alanine content
  • Cartilage formation in joints, eyes and face
  • Strengthens and improves growth of nails and hair
  • Heals gut lining and improves gastric membrane integrity; promotes stomach acid production
  • Strong yet flexible arterial wall production; placental and uterus growth
  • High glycine content may help to promote restful and deep sleep and lowered anxiety due to its inhibitory effect on the brain
  • Balances methionine and corresponding homocysteine levels from high muscle meat intake

Additional nutrients that may support collagen production and function:

  • Vitamin C – to increase the body’s own natural production of collagen
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin – supports healthy and mobile joints
  • Protein rich foods – especially slow cooked from joint cuts such as oxtail or lamb shanks - to provide the amino acid building blocks for protein and collagen production
  • Slow cooked bone broth – high in connective tissue nutrients, collagen and gelatine

How to add collagen and gelatine to your everyday diet

Using collagen to add vital nutrients and boost your connective tissue production is easy with the use of Great Lakes Collagen and Gelatine products. They both come in a versatile powdered form that is mild tasting and colourless. The main difference between the two products available is that the collagen hydrolysate is highly bioavailable due to small peptide chains and has no gelling action, whilst the gelatine provides longer amino acid chains and has strong gelling properties that can be used to set liquids.

Choose the most convenient way to add collagen into your diet:

Collagen Powder can be simply to add to cold liquids or foods:
  • Add a tablespoon to your morning smoothie, protein shake, juice or almond milk
  • Add to your morning coffee or evening cup of herbal ginger or chamomile tea
  • Stir though yogurt or porridge
  • Add to scrambled eggs or omelette, soups or stews
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