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Can't get enough probiotic bacteria?

bacteriaKnown for their role in healthy digestion and the maintenance of a healthy, vital immune system, probiotic bacteria (also known as ‘good’ or ‘beneficial’ bacteria) can be used therapeutically to support a correction of health caused by the destruction of good bacteria in the gut.

Benefit of multi-strain formulations: the more strains, the healthier your gut

When it comes to choosing the right probiotic for your needs, your first and most important question should be ‘how many different types of bacteria are found in the formula?’ Why? Because the more bacterial types you enter into your body, the more likely the health of your digestive tract is to bounce back.

Different types of bacteria have differing actions in the body

Lactobacillus bacteria, for example, play a role in creating the right pH balance in the digestive tract. By including multiple strains of lactobacillus in a probiotic formula, it is more likely the whole of your digestive tract is to reap benefits, as different species have favourite sections of the gut where they perform the best actions. Also, the more diverse the differing types of bacteria in your body, the stronger your system is at holding back populations of bad bacteria from making a takeover bid for your digestive tract!

Who benefits from taking probiotic supplements?

Beneficial bacteria can be destroyed as a result of a number of differing conditions in the body. Whether due to inflammation, foods in your diet destroying bacteria, or by the simple fact that you are taking bacteria killing antibiotics, probiotics are beneficial for health for a number of reasons. So, if you are:
  • Currently taking antibiotics
  • Taking medicines which can affect gut flora levels
  • Suffering from a urinary tract illness
  • Suffer from food allergies
  • Currently undergoing a diet for weight loss, or detoxification program

...You may benefit from taking a multi-strain probiotic.

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