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Bee Pollen changed this man's life, can it change yours?

Bee Pollen changed this man's life, can it change yours? | Mr Vitamins
Link to Chinese version Do you feel  too old to enjoy the things you used to? Do you feel like age or illness are slowing you down?  Noel Johnson felt this way too, but he turned his life around by changing his diet and adding a secret nutritional supplement.

The secret nutritional supplement was Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen photo Bee Pollen power helped
At 71 years of age, Noel Johnson’s health was in crisis.  He was smoking heavily, was overweight and could barely walk a block.  Doctors warned that his heart was damaged and weak. He was refused health insurance and advised to avoid physical activity.  Instead, Noel Johnson changed his diet and his attitude and took up running, going on to compete in marathons, set records in his age group and even winning a boxing title from an opponent half his age!

Noel attributed his health turnaround to Bee Pollen

Noel Johnson changed his life and his health at 71, proving it’s never too late to get healthy!  He radically improved his diet, adding fresh fruit and vegetablesand increasing his daily exercise.  After discovering Bee Pollen as a source of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids, Noel added Bee Pollen Granules to his daily diet, using a spoonful with every meal to support his strength and stamina.

Noel Discovered Even more health benefits with Bee Pollen

With improved health and muscular strength, Noel Johnson took part in more than 20 marathons between the ages of 70 and 90.  At 83, Johnson was the oldest man to ever complete the New York Marathon.  While Johnson acknowledged health benefits commonly associated with consumption of Bee Pollen;weight management, nervous system health, hormone, skin and digestive function, he recounts the biggest surprise to his newfound health was an improved sex drive, stating ‘by far the most stupendous impact bee pollen made in my life was making my return to sexual potency at 71 possible!’

Try Bee Pollen to improve your health!

Natural Life Australian Bee Pollen Why not?  It’s natural, chemical free and contains every vitamin, mineral, trace element and amino acid your body needs to function properly.  Noel Johnson lived to the ripe old age of 96, attributing his wellbeing to exercise, diet and Bee Pollen.  He even wrote a humorously title book  ‘A dud at 70, A Stud at 80’ to show others how they can turn their health around and make the most out of life, no matter how old or lethargic they feel! When you choose a Bee Pollen supplement, make sure to choose a high quality, trusted and pure brand.  Australia’s Natural Life™ brand is a premium quality Bee Pollen, sourced from pristine eucalyptus forests in Western Australia.  Eucalyptus Pollens have the additional benefit of containing the highest percentage of linoleic acid; a substance used to improve the ratio between good and bad cholesterols in the body. Pure, Australian made Natural Life™ unique Eucalyptus-based Australian Bee Pollen is available at Mr Vitamins.  Come in and see Grace or Min from Thursdays through to Sundays and ask about the benefits of Natural Life™ Bee Pollen.