Autism is on the rise + positive hope of solutions

What is Autism?

Autism is a complex neurological disorder which affects a persons ability to interact with the world around them. In Australia, research shows that about 1 in 100 children have Autism and that it is more prevalent in boys than girls. Other countries such as Sweden, Canada, England and United States have also reported rises in the incidence of Autism. A 2006 report in The Lancet stated that 1 in 86 children in a community in England have Autism. While in Utah, USA 1 out of 50 children have been identified as having autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These scary facts clearly show that Autism has become an epidemic in our society.

Signs of Autism include:

  • Impairment in social interaction and communication
  • Repetitive interests, activities and characteristic behaviour patterns

Understanding the Brain

Martha Herbet (MINDD) said that in order to understand impact on biochemical approaches on behaviour first we need to understand physical and physiological aspects of brain. Brain cells are made up of body cells. Body cells are made up of diet and environmental factors we are exposed to. So if we are exposed to environmental toxins, stress and wrong nutrition this accumulates in brain and causes neuro-inflamation. Previously scientists believed that inflammation in the brain causes brain cells to die. Recent research states that in high inflammation state brain cells impair themselves and they shut down neurotransmission state pretty much to preserve themselves, but they don't die. Children with Autism genetically may be more susceptible to environmental toxins than anyone else. There is presently no known cure for ASD. However early intervention, specialised education, proper supplementation,addressing individual nutritional needs, improved sleep, exercise, gentle detoxification, and healing the gut we may help reduce inflammation and improve state of brain cells and therefore help reverse symptoms and improve lives of kids with Autism. Tanya Marinovic Naturopath photoNaturopath and mother ot two, Tanya Marinovic, has completed the Mindd International Forum training in the MAPS Protocols (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs) Learn more about Tanya here