Ask a Naturopath - Get Your Health Care Questions Answered

Ask a Naturopath - Get Your Health Care Questions Answered | Mr Vitamins
Here’s a quick update on how Mr Vitamins can help you with your natural health care questions…

1. In-Store Naturopaths Answer Your Questions

Every day you can talk to a qualified Naturopath on the shop floor at Mr Vitamins. There is no need to make an appointment. The Naturopaths can provide you with general health advice and usually can make up to 10 minutes available to answer your questions. This is very useful to for you to understand about supplement dosages, comparisons of supplement ingredients and how different products work together. Many of the supplements at Mr Vitamins are classified as “Health Food only” or “Practitioner only” products. This means that they are not available at most other stores – and Mr Vitamins Naturopaths have been specially trained to understand how these products can work best for you.

2. Private Naturopath Consultations for Health Care Advice and Treatment

If you require a more in-depth consultation, Mr Vitamins has a team of consulting Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Natural Health Professionals who work at the Mr Vitamins Clinic, located in-store. Appointments can be made in advance to see them during their clinic hours.

Asking a Naturopath

When you Ask a Naturopath at the Mr Vitamins Clinic you can also have specialised tests arranged such as body composition analysis, blood tests or liver detoxification tests. The results can be discussed with your Naturopath during your consultation. All Mr Vitamins Naturopaths can advise on general health care, and each of them have additional specialised areas of expertise.

See our Ask A Naturopath page for more details on what to expect with an in-depth consultation with Mr Vitamins Naturopaths. You can use  Mr Vitamins online booking service to make your appointment.

3. Mr Vitamins Workshops and Events

At times it is good to learn about important Natural Health topics in more depth – presented in a workshop setting. Mr Vitamins conducts regular events at the Mr Vitamins Studio – in-store in Chatswood.