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7 ways to Energise your Base Chakra

7 ways to Energise your Base Chakra | Mr Vitamins
Your base chakra is located at the base of your spine and extends out behind you. This chakra is like the foundation of a house, it needs to be strong to help you feel steady and safe. Weakness in the base can manifest as a drop in income, depression, and pain. Here are 7 ways you can give your base a boost!
  1. Exercise – the base chakra is about physical well being and in particular the musculoskeletal system, keep your Maria Chakra Workshopbody healthy through exercise to keep this chakra strong and energised.
  2. Essential oils – see our article Balance your chakras with Essential Oils for suggestions
  3. Friends – this chakra is also about community, isolating yourself can drain energy from this chakra. So catch up with friends and help them keep their base chakra strong too.
  4. Visualisation - Imagine your energy field as a tree, and the roots are your base chakra, this chakra is your foundation, make your tree roots as big as you can.
  5. Gardening - communion with mother earth is a great way to stay connected and grounded
  6. Walking barefoot –it’s all about connecting to mother earth, think about how the earth provides for our lives and give thanks as you connect.
  7. Food – Beetroots, raspberries and red wine! Root vegetables, proteins and red foods all help to keep you grounded, along with the occasional glass of red wine.
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