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5 ways to improve men's health naturally

5 ways to improve men's health naturally | Mr Vitamins
More men are now aware of health related issues that may affect them. Natural solutions can make a big difference to everyday vitality and long-term health. Taking control and being proactive about your health is very important in the prevention of many chronic diseases, and early detection can be a real life saver.

Top 5 health issues and natural solutions for men:

  1. Enlarged prostate Enlargement of the prostate gland is an age-related, hormone-dependent condition, extremely common among ageing men. The enlarged prostate gland in effect ‘strangles’ the urethra, leading to annoying urinary tract symptoms. Flowens™ is a unique, proprietary blend of Cranberry fruit which has been clinically shown to improve urinary tract symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. Beta-sitosterols help regulate and control prostate cell growth by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to the more potent dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which drives swelling and inflammation.
  1. Gout Gout attacks are becoming more frequent amongst men, and if left untreated, may cause permanent joint damage so it’s important to treat gout early. Gout is associated with disordered uric acid activity and may be due to increased uric acid production, reduced uric acid clearance or a combination of both. Excess uric acid accumulates as crystal formations in your joints, leading to severe pain and inflammation. Sour cherry contains very high levels of antioxidants, beneficial for gout sufferers while Celery seed reduces the concentration of uric acid in your blood, preventing uric acid build-up in your joints.
  1. Low Mood Low mood is quite common in men; 12.2% of all Australian men aged 16 years and over are expected to experience a mood disorder in their lifetime – that’s 1 in 8 Australian men. Men traditionally find it difficult to ask for help or talk about their feelings, so instead focus on physical symptoms such as lack of sleep or sexual dysfunction. St John’s wort has received considerable attention in clinical trials for the treatment of mild to moderate low mood. St John’s wort supports nervous system health and helps to increase uplifting neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) to improve mood.
  1. Low Libido and Sexual Dysfunction Nearly 1 in 2 Australian men have experienced sexual difficulty. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone required for normal sexual function. Low levels of testosterone, some medications, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, low mood and relationship difficulties may all contribute to low libido and sexual dysfunction. BulgarianTribulus has been used in Eastern European folk medicine for increased sexual potency and to reduce impotence, while Indian Tribulus has a well- established traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic and aphrodisiac. Tribulus indirectly increases luteinising hormone (LH) activity, prompting your body to produce more testosterone.
  1. Male pattern baldness Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss in men with around 50% of all men affected at some time in their life. As men’s hormone levels change, the rate at which hair grows and falls out will change. A deficiency in silica may also exacerbate this process. Silica is essential for strong healthy hair, helps strengthen blood vessels and improves circulation, stimulating new hair growth.

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