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It's not easy being a liver! Here's how to keep yours healthier...

Love your Liver and it will love you back!

LiverWhen it comes to machines, like automobiles, integral parts require regular care and maintenance; and, the liver in the human body is no different. As a matter of fact, after your heart and brain, your liver may very well be your most important organ, with a long list of responsibilities. Therefore, it is essential to support your liver’s many functions, because your overall health relies on your liver health.

The Liver: What’s so special about it?

The liver is the largest organ inside your body, and rightfully so considering the many roles it plays. The respiratory system does a fantastic job of blocking or eliminating germs and toxins that you inhale. But, have you ever thought about all the germs and toxins you ingest along with food?…… Enter your liver! Everything you consume from food and water to medications and alcohol gets broken down by your liver and sent into your bloodstream for delivery throughout the rest of your body. Unfortunately, this process allows for a lot of nasty hitchhikers to grab a ride to places not only where they do not belong, but also where they can cause serious and possibly fatal damage. Thus, your liver works hard to remove those potentially harmful agents from your bloodstream and ultimately detoxifies your body.

It’s not easy being a Liver

Just when you think your liver has done all it can do, it does even more! Your liver is also responsible for making bile, an alkaline fluid necessary for digestion. In addition, your liver collects waste products from metabolic functions and converts them into urea for excretion in the urine. Finally, it synthesises an antioxidant called glutathione, which fights oxidative damage and recycles other antioxidants.

A magical organ?

With all that the liver does, including giving your blood a fresh start, it is not hard to believe this organ has magical powers. However, perhaps the real magic lies in your  liver’s highly regenerative abilities. Yes, that’s right! Your liver is capable of generating new, healthy cells no matter what condition it is in. So, whether you suffer from diabetes, hepatitis, cirrhosis, or any other disease, it is not too late to turn your liver health around for the better.

Five herbs that improve your Liver health

Now that you know just how much your liver does for you, you should show it some love by incorporating these herbs into your diet: 1)    Milk Thistle PhotoMilk Thistle—also known as Silymarin; most recommended for all liver conditions; protects the liver from toxins and repairs liver damage 2)    Turmeric—also known as Curcumin; very effective in fighting inflammation, which is a common symptom among liver conditions 3)    Globe Artichoke—also known as Cynarin; assists in production and flow of bile, prevents gallstones, and reduces jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes) 4)    Burdock root—available in dried form for teas; purifies the blood, restores damaged cells, and stimulates bile flow 5)    Dandelion root—excellent when mixed with milk thistle; provides most major vitamins, stimulates bile production, and improves liver function and health.

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