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5 Common Causes of Inflammation: Are You at Risk?

5 Common Causes of Inflammation: Are You at Risk? | Mr Vitamins
Turmeric for inflammationBefore you can do anything to address the causes of inflammation, you must first understand what inflammation is and how it functions. For example, inflammation is not the beginning of disease – it is the beginning of healing. Inflammation is, in fact, a symptom of cellular damage; so, identifying the cause of cellular damage will also identify the cause of inflammation.

How does cellular damage cause Inflammation?!

Although many people think that all causes of inflammation connect to the diet, that is not always the case. Indeed, there are some indirect causes of inflammation that you most likely never suspected. Look at these 5 common causes:
  1. Free Radicals Your natural bodily functions produce free radicals daily. And those free radicals participate in many important activities, like eliminating infectious microbes. However, too many free radicals can overwhelm the body, prevent the healing process, and thereby cause inflammation to persist.
  2. Candida Albicans Yes! Candida overgrowth causes inflammation by (1) initiating an immune response and (2) releasing cell damaging toxins. While Candida naturally lives in balance with good bacteria in your gut, an imbalance in gut health allows Candida to overgrow and tear through the intestinal walls of the gut. These holes make it possible for infectious agents to exit the gut and enter the bloodstream promoting a rise in infection as well as inflammation.
  3. Nutrient Deficiencies A deficiency in any nutrient disturbs your metabolism which can then lead to cellular damage and inflammation. Two vitamin deficiencies that have been linked directly to inflammation include vitamin B deficiency (B6 and B12) and vitamin D deficiency. Alternatively, inflammation can cause vitamin B deficiency.
  4. Obesity Perhaps not so surprising, obesity has been linked to inflammation. This is because excess body weight produces stress on the body which damages cells. And again, cellular damage causes inflammation.
  5. Foods (that feed Candida) Your diet can promote the formation of inflammation, but not in the way you may think. Certain foods feed Candida and destroy good bacteria allowing Candida to overgrow as described in cause #2. These foods include: refined carbohydrates, GMOs, non-grass-fed animal products, highly processed fats, artificial ingredients, additives, and preservatives.
As you can see, there are many causes of inflammation; yet, there are ways you can avoid it. For tips or guidance, just ‘Ask a Naturopath’ how you can fight inflammation.

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