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Colostrum is the first fluid produced by mammal mothers after the delivery of their young. Colostrum is one of the most vital ingredients in breast milk, and it’s what is often referred to as “liquid gold.” It’s a thicker, yellowish breast milk that’s made in the later stages of pregnancy. Colostrum is loaded with nutrients and antibodies to give an infant exactly what they need in her first days of life. Colostrum passes on the antibodies, immune factors, and nutrients that will protect the infant until their immune system develops and matures.


After three days or so, the body will begin to make mature milk, which contains an ideal combination of protein, sugar, water and fat.


Bovine colostrum comes from cows, and it is the type of colostrum that is used for most colostrum supplements. It contains many of the same nutrients found in human colostrum, but it has a higher fat and protein content. Colostrum is an incredible, completely natural source of nutrients including protein, vitamins, minerals, and immune enhancing factors such as IgG. IgA, IgM and lactoferrin.


Colostrum contains about 100 times the immunoglobulin proteins (immune fighting cells) as regular milk does and is one of the best ways to increase serum IgA levels in your body.


Low sIgA levels have been linked to: chronic intestinal problems, IBS, autism, ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease, candidiasis.


Colostrum will help to balance your immune system, reduce the inflammatory cytokines in your intestines.


Colostrum can benefit those suffering from autoimmune disease by having an immune modulating effect in the body. This may help to reduce your body’s tendency to attack itself, reducing the severity of autoimmune disorder.


Colostrum can be of benefit in the management of a number of health disorders, making it a safe and effective choice for improved health and wellbeing.


Colostrum is a food-based supplement that can be taken in the form of colostrum powder, colostrum tablets,colostrum capsules and as a tasty colostrum milk chew which kids love.


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