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Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch

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Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch Chocolate 30 Serves ingredients designed to reduce stress, prevent adrenal over stimulation and to enhance the muscle repair and recovery phase of post workout nutrition.

Adrenal Switch has been created to ensure optimal recovery is achieved in as little time as possible.

  • Decrease Stress
  • Increase Recovery
  • Improve Sleep


Combining core ingredients that have been picked specifically for regulating hormones, reducing cortisol and enhancing testosterone production, Adrenal Switch is an all-encompassing, holistic, health-promoting product that everyone can benefit from.

  • Sleep Better
  • Recover Faster
  • Feel Energised

Turn on the Switch to faster recovery!


Core Ingredients/p>


Magnesium Citrate


Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals/electrolytes in the body and is required for almost all cellular functions, yet it is currently recognised as being the #2 most deficient vitamin/minerals in humans within developed countries. Magnesium citrate specifically is highly bioavailable and when supplemented may help support a reduction in blood pressure, improve nervous system function (muscular support) and enhance blood glucose tolerance.




Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that was initially popularised in Indian medicine and has been shown to increase testosterone, improve stress levels and reduce anxiety like symptoms, resulting in a reduction in cortisol and improved energy levels.




Found naturally in green tea, L-theanine is an uncommon dietary amino acid that has been shown to improve mood and induces relaxation without sedation, leading to a decrease in stress like behaviour.




L-Leucine is the most anabolic amino acid of the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and is responsible for turning on the Switch for muscle growth due to its stimulatory effect on mTOR.

suggested dose

After Training:

  • Consume one serving of Adrenal Switch in 300-500ml of water for recovery.

Before bed:

  • Consume one serving of Adrenal Switch in 300-500ml of water to improve sleep.