Springfields Ginger

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Ginger essential oil has a powerful yet gentle warming quality making it a valuable addition to any massage blend where a nurturing effect is desired. Due to its stimulating effect on the circulation, it can be considered for any ‘tonic’ blend for general wellbeing.

warm, slightly green, fresh, woody-spicy. A top note.


Ginger is a warm andstimulatingoil inspiring courage and optimism. It is most well known for it‰Ûªs calmingdigestive properties, it is most useful in the treatment ofindigestion,travel nausea andmorning sickness when incorporated in to amassage blend, vaporised or inhaled. The warming,circulatory stimulant action of theoil makes it ideal in a massage blend formuscular aches andpains,poor circulation,strains andsprains.Ginger is also a warmingexpectorant giving relief from problems such ascongested coughs,colds,flu‰Ûªs andsinusitis, add some to amassage blend, vaporiser or chest rub. It also soothes thenervous system to remedydebility andnervous exhaustion.


steam distillation of rhizome of Zingiber officinale

suggested dose

Blends well with: all citrus essential oils, geranium, sandalwood, ylang ylang, juniper, rose, eucalyptus, neroli, jasmine, frankincense, vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood, clove.


do not apply to broken skin. May irritate sensitive skin. Do not take internally. Essential oils should always be blended with a base oil (such as sweet almond oil) before being applied to the body.