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Smart Cleanse 14 day

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Unlike other detoxification programs, Smart Cleanse is high quality, potent, contains certified organic ingredients, and has been developed using a researched naturopathic and scientific foundation. This is what makes Smart Cleanse natural detox the unique, practitioner strength program it’s fast becoming renown for.In order to be successful, a sound detox program requires you to address your digestive system and support your gut first, before you cleanse your liver.Smart Cleanse does all of this by following the naturopathic detox program philosophy that we call Weed, Seed and Feed.Practitioner Grade Detox Kit

  • Benefits of Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Scientifically Formulated for Maximum Impact
  • Ideal for Wellbeing and Reaching Your Target Weight
  • Naturally Flavoured and Easy-To-Follow Steps


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