Sakura Health Colloidal Silver Gel

pack size: 60ML
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Sakura Health Colloidal Silver Gel is an all-natural, pure colloidal silver in an easy to use topical gel, so you can take advantage the many antibacterial, moisturising and healing benefits of colloidal silver in a convenient gel that can be used all over your body.
Another of the many benefits of colloidal silver gel is you can use it on your child's cuts and scrapes. It will help to prevent infection and speeds healing, its also good for nappy rash.

  • Men can apply the gel on their face after they shave as it helps to soothe razor burns and heal small cuts.
  • The gel can be used for eczema, psoriasis, acne, sandfly bites, mozzie bites, athletes foot, any fungal infections, staph, tinea, ulcers, as a deodorant that doesn’t contain harmful aluminium.
  • When the gel is applied to your face and neck it softens your skin and makes it feel smooth. It also helps to get rid of impurities that may be embedded in the layers of your skin.
  • Colloidal silver helps acne heal with regular use as well.
  • The gel can be used on legs after shaving, it is soothing and refreshing.
  • Silver gel can also be used as an antibacterial hand wash when your hands are dirty and there are no washing facilities. Colloidal silver gel is even safe around the eye area and can be used in ears for an ear infection.


Colloidal silver.

suggested dose

Use as needed.