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Martin & Pleasance Headache Relief Spray

pack size: 25ML

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For the temporary relief of:

  • Throbbing
  • Dull
  • Sick
  • Nervous tension headaches

Headache Relief is a homeopathic formulation combined with Schuessler Tissue Salts traditionally used for the relief of headaches and the associated symptoms such as throbbing, dull, sick & nervous tension headaches.


Assist with:

  • Throbbing, dull, sickand nervous tension headaches.
  • Excellent for the travel headache that sets in when we have reached our destination.
  • Also during pregnancy when feeling heavy in the head and uneasy.


suggested dose

Adults: 1 dose is 4 sprays

Children (ages 2-12): 1 dose is 2 sprays

Acute dose: Take 1 dose every 30 minutes, until symptoms subside, up to 4 doses, then continue a maintenance dose of 1 dose 4 times per day (max 8 doses per day).

Maintenance dose: Take 1 dose 4 times daily.

Spray under the tongue

For best results take 10 minutes away from food and/or cleaning teeth.