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Gen-Tec Glutamine

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Muscle growth, Recovery, Immune Function, Anti-Catabolic, Brain Fuel.

Gen-Tec Nutrition source and blend the highest quality pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine. We are privy to possibly the world’s finest ‘320 mesh’ size free form powdered L-Glutamine. We can also boast the lowest impurity content of our naturally derived L-Glutamine product. These two factors contribute to bioavailability and absorption (not solubility in water).


When consumed before and during intense anaerobic exercise L-Glutamine may help to reduce catabolism (muscle breakdown) . It will also restore health and integrity of the immune system, preventing overtraining syndrome. Glutamine also increases cell volumisation (like creatine but to a lesser extent). Volumised cells appear larger, get a better pump and assist in protein synthesis. In fact, Glutamine helps muscle cells to utilise both protein and carbohydrates more efficiently. L-Glutamine combines very well with micronised creatine to aid recovery and increase lean muscle mass.


100% Pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine

suggested dose


  • Upon rising: 5g
  • 20 mins before training: 5g
  • During training: 5g
  • Immediately after training: 5-10g
  • Before bed: (added to your post-training shake) 5g
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