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Gen-Tec BCAAs 8-1-1

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  • Recovery
  • Lean muscle gain
  • Anti-catabolic

  • Gen-Tec Nutraceuticals source, blend and package 100% pure pharmaceutical grade laboratory tested (HPLC) free form Branched Chain Amino Acid Powder.


    BCAAs are comprised of three essential amino acids, L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. They are essential for building and maintaining muscles, and work by facilitating the synthesis of proteins in the body. They account for about 1/3 of muscle protein, and can be used directly by the muscles for energy. BCAAs are needed during times of physical stress, so are often used as bodybuilding and athletic supplements.


    L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Natural Flavour.

    suggested dose

    Mix 3g (1 tspn) in water or non-acidic juice before, during or after exercise.