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Gelatin Health Muscle Repair Powder

pack size: 250g

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Gelatin Health Muscle Collagen is nearly pure (96%) protein with 18 different amino acids, including high levels of the arginine, cysteine, glutamine, glycine, proline and tyrosine believed to be essential for post-workout protein synthesis.


  • Essential in maintaining joint flexibility, whilst arginine and glycine work synergistically to increase creatine levels to gives more energy.


100% Beef Collagen derived from Gelatin, 96% Pure Protein, 4% moisture (water and residual salts), GMO and BSE Free - (regulated)

suggested dose

15 grams – up to 3 times per day in water or liquid of choice. (1 Tablespoon)
Gelatin is easily added to soups, stews, gravy, cooked oats.
Be creative! Hot water soluble only – will mix in cold liquids but will not dissolve.