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Full Health Colloidal Minerals

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Fulhealth Industries Organic Colloidal Minerals is a daily to supplement formulated to promote optimum health and well being, delivering essential minerals, trace elements and nutrients in a form that's easily and efficiently assimilated. Rich in humins, humic acid and fulvic acid, all ingredients are derived from 20,000-year-old prehistoric vegetation, cold-extracted and then suspended in ultra-pure de-ionised water. The trace elements contained in this colloidal mineral have a negative charge, allowing the mineral ions and elements to be absorbed effectively and immediately.


  • Remove toxins and heavy metals,
  • Deliver antioxidants to fight free radicals,
  • Stimulate enzyme systems,
  • Act as a natural electrolyte,
  • Help rebuild and strengthen your immune systems,
  • Stimulate cellular growth and regeneration
  • Catalyse vitamins within the cells.


(Mg/l) Boron 0.26 Sodium 99; Magnesium 98; Alluminium 108; Silicon 45; Phosphorus 5.2; Sulphur 500; Potassium 17; Calcium 270; Titanium 0.94; Vanadium 2.4; Barium 0.34; Chromium 1.4; Manganese 0.66; Iron 220; Nickel 1; Colbat 0.2; Copper 0.13; Zinc 0.38; Selenium 0.37; Strontium 2.6; Molybdenum 0.019; Silver 0.15.

suggested dose

Start with 1mL in a glass of water or fruit juice daily. Gradually increasing up to 1-2 teaspoons twice a day (5-10mL). Alternatively, pour 10mL over breakfast cereal in the morning.