Eden Energy Shot Powder

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Eden Health Foods Energy Shot is a vegan friendly pre-workout created entirely using organic and wildcrafted whole superfoods and herbs. It has been formulated to provide sustained energy that's clean and calm, supporting body and boosting stimulation but ending smoothly without the dreaded drop.


  • Nutritious Energy - provides electrolytes and balances hormones.
  • Stimulating Energy - smooth energy increase, stimulation and calm alertness, amino acids, sustained energy and boosts your metabolism.
  • Power Energy - power and strength boost, with concentration and adrenal support.
  • Circulatory Energy - circulation support with heart protection and mental focus.
  • Flavour Energy - antioxidant boost and aids in digestion.


"Nutritional Energy Blend 1.5g – Goji Berry*, Peruvian Yellow Maca*, Peruvian Yellow Maca Juice Powder* Stimulating Energy Blend 1g – Guarana Seed, Yerba Mate Leaf*, Green Tea Leaf (Sencha)*, Green Tea Leaf (Matcha)*, Kola Nut Power Energy Blend 1g – Siberian Ginseng Root*, Brazilian Ginseng (Suma)+, Damiana Leaf+, Korean Ginseng*, Tienchi Ginseng Circulatory Energy Blend 0.5g – Ginkgo Biloba Leaf*, Hawthorn Berry*, Licorice Root* Flavour Energy Blend 1g – Monk Fruit Plant Extract, Natural Brambleberry, Stevia*"

suggested dose

"Mix 1 tablespoon (5g) with water, juice or smoothie. Morning is best or 1 hour before exercise. For best results add 1 tablespoon to a cup of boiling water and let steep. Can replace coffee. Alternatively soak 1-2 tablespoons overnight in water and then consume in the morning or throughout the day. If you are a regular coffee drinker, or weigh more than 100kg, you may need to increase your serving size. We suggest increasing by 1 serving size (5g) for every cup of coffee you drink in a day, ie. if you drink 2 coffees than use 2 tablespoons (10g) of Energy Shot. 4 tablespoons (20g) is recommended for peak performance and older men. For Olympic workouts, take 40g or more and consume with Eden Healthfoods High Octane, Superfood or Power Protein."