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Bio-Practica Basica Vital Pure

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Basica® Vital pure is a supplement rich in alkalising mineral citrates which support acid-base balance in the body. Mineral citrates provide long lasting pH balance and do not disturb normal digestive processes.


  • Pure alkaline powder withouth additive
  • Supplemented food alkaline minerals
  • Pleasant neutral taste
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Without flavours
  • Without sweetener


Protein        0 g
Fat, total        0 g
- saturated        0 g
Carbohydrate        0 g
- sugars        0 g
Calcium        275 mg
Magnesium        75 mg
Molybdenum        25 micrograms
Potassium        175 mg
Selenium        15 micrograms
Sodium        188 mg

suggested dose

Adults: 1 sachet recommended daily, taken in a glass of 250 mL water or juice.