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Australian Natural Care Healthy Eyes Plus

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ANC has formulated its new visionary product Health Eyes Plus. This product is a blend of ingredients including Bilberry and Lutein which are essential for macula health. This new formula contains 12000mg of bilberry and 6mg of lutein which is currently the highest dose of lutein on the market.

Why the increase of lutein? Lutein is found naturally in our macular region and acts as an antioxidant to protect our macula from oxidative stress and damage. Increasing our lutein intake can help replenish the stores in our body that are lost as part of the natural aging process. 

The combination of bilberry and lutein is a powerhouse for macular health and plays an integral part in both dry and wet macular degeneration. 


Tagetes erecta ext. 30mg, from 600mg (min) dry leaf, Vaccinium myrtillus ext. 120mg, from 12g (min) dry fruit.

suggested dose

Take one to two tablets daily with food, or as advised by your healthcare professional.