Mr Vitamins Online Pricing and Payment

Mr Vitamins Online Pricing

We endeavor to always give you the best price and the best advice. Mr Vitamins is owned and managed by qualified Naturopaths and Nutritionists so you can count on a quality range of natural health and natural lifestyle products.

Discounts on the Mr Vitamins website are up to 60% - and sometimes higher.

The discount percentage (e.g. 60% off) displayed on each product is based on the RRP or standard pricing available to us.

Customers can collect bonus reward points from all web orders. These rewards points are different and separate to our retail stores.


Mr Vitamins Retail Stores

Mr Vitamins also has products and services available in our retail stores in Chatswood, NSW that are not available on this website.

Our online store is operated independently to our retail stores. Prices in the retail stores may vary from prices on this website. Member points, vouchers and credit memo issued at our retail stores cannot be applied to the web orders.

Products and prices listed may change at any time, and without prior notice.


'Buy 3+ for' Prices

Buy 3 or more prices usually offer additional savings, however sometimes if the single unit price has a special discount, we may not be able to offer an additional discount for purchases of 3 or more. Therefore the ‘Buy 3+ for’ price may be a higher price.


Bulk Pricing

We may be able to offer additional discounts for resellers or for larger / bulk orders. Please send us a message via contact us with products and quantity you need and our staff member will contact you.


Order Fulfillment

We do our best to provide accurate product pricing, information and product photos. However pricing errors, typos or photo errors may occur.

In the event that an item is listed at an incorrect price, with incorrect information or an out-of-date photo, Mr Vitamins reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for an item.

If the price for an item is incorrect, we will either contact you for instructions or cancel your order and notify you of the cancellation. Product availability and prices are subject to change without notice.


Mr Vitamins Online store payment

Payment Methods

We endeavor to provide easy to use payment methods for customers. Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX payments as credit cards and other cards via Paypal. We are working on to support more payment channels that are convenient for customers.

Please be noticed that the current methods we have implemented do have it's restriction of accepting certain cards, especially for cards not issued in Australia. 

It is recommened for customer to pay via Paypal or any future payment method that have already linked and verified your bank accounts.



Anti-fraud function built-in with the payment channels may reject some verifications under certain circumstances where Bank or mechant believe the transactions are at risk. Mr Vitamins preserve the rights to hold or even cancel any suspecious transctions if they cannot be verified.

If the payment trasnaction is truly authorized and still be rejected, please try another payment method. Or contact Mr Vitamins staff for support.


Please select from the following payment method suits best

Credit Card (Visa,MasterCard in Australia)

This method is via an Australian bank payment gateway. It only works well with Visa, MasterCard issued in Australia. Though it technically can accept AMEX cards, there have been reports some customer have problem on AMEX cards via this method.


Credit Card (Visa,MasterCard,AMEX in more countries)

This method is powered by Braintree, integrated with advanced anti-fraudelent features, it will verify the trasncations in a stronger way. It accept AMEX as well as Visa and MasterCard. It also accept cards issued outside of Australia, but not all countries.

Most authentic cards from China, South Korea and Japan would be able to go through. However, some might be rejected due to anti-fraudulent check. If that happens, please try Paypal instead.



This payment is hosted by Paypal, and allows all cards that can be verified by Paypal. It would be easier for customer who already have Paypal account linked with bank accounts.


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