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Kendra Samuels


Kendra aims to motivate and guide her clients. The foundation to good health is self respect, self honour and seeing the value in well maintained health.

Kendra is a passionate degree qualified naturopath and nutritionist. Kendra's passion for health started at an early age, she was raised in a health-conscious family which made her more aware of the difference that living healthily can make. She has always been blessed with good health and takes joy in helping others achieve a better quality of life and optimum wellbeing using natural and evidence-based health interventions.

Kendra understands that with busy lifestyles, increased stress, and less time on our hands we often make compromises with our food choices and how much or how little sleep and exercise we get. Kendra emphasises a healthy lifestyle with her clients before using nutritional or herbal medicine.

Kendra finds great satisfaction in knowing she has helped a client feel better than they did the day before and eventually to help them be the healthiest version of themselves. Kendra believes that when we are faced with a challenge, a disease, an illness or a rough patch in our health, results are often best achieved when a strategy that is realistic and individualised is implemented. Kendra’s treatment plans and prescriptions are always individualised and practical.

When Kendra is not in the clinic she is attending seminars and researching to further her knowledge. She also finds time to enjoy boxing, the beach, relaxing in the sauna and running volunteer community health programs in her local community.

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Consultations with Kendra

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health and wellness. It aspires to stimulate the body's innate healing ability. It aims to prevent disease before it manifests. Naturopathy uses lifestyle modifications, nutritional medicine and herbal medicine to achieve results. Naturopaths work alongside your GP and/or other health professionals to provide clients with the best outcome. Naturopaths treat both acute and chronic conditions. Kendra has a particular interest in treating skin conditions, improving the health of shift workers, weight management, preventative medicine, arthritis & autoimmune disease, stress-related conditions, anxiety, sleep disorders.

Client Benefits:

Treatments are all natural and drug-free

Treatments are holistic, the context of the condition is taken into consideration

Treatments may be used for maintaining wellness after the initial condition is rectified

Treatments stimulate the body's own healing abilities

Treatment of the underlying cause, not just the symptoms

Results may be seen in many areas, not just in the initial condition

Treatments won't interfere with current treatments from other health professionals

Better quality of life for those with chronic conditions

Areas of Interest

Skin conditions

Autoimmune conditions

Stress-related disorders

Improving the health of shift workers.

About Kendra

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

NHAA member