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Catherine Adelle


Educating those with sustainable solutions to take care of the mind and body.


Catherine’s enthusiasm for health was sparked at an early age. Raised in a large family of four girls, she began exploring the field of natural medicine out of her own will to enhance her health and lifestyle. Through this, she has mastered the art of making health simple and realistic in all of life’s circumstances, for both individuals and families. 

With a special interest in fertility and female hormones, Catherine utilises her background in health science, herbalism, nutrition, flower essence therapy and life coaching skills to educate and inspire others who may be looking for evidence based-alternative medicine and health advice. 

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Consultations with Catherine

 In order to achieve personal goals, Catherine helps people declutter their thoughts and find clarity through the confusion that many people experience when it comes to health, lifestyle and nutrition.

You will be asked about your diet, lifestyle, bodily functions and any areas of concern. Through this, Catherine will begin to piece together a picture of your health. Offering individualised recommendations that aim to influence underlying causes as well as symptom relief. 

Her prescriptions may include thoughtfully chosen dietary guidelines, nutritional supplements, herbal teas, topical creams/ointments, flower essence remedies and premium quality herbal medicine. Aiming to rectify possible nutrient deficiencies and normalise biochemical pathways in the body.

Functional Pathology Testing is available

Areas of special interest

Female Hormones and Fertility – PCOS, endometriosis, preconception and postnatal nutrition.Adolescent Health – Stress management, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes.Acute and Recurrent Infections – Common cold, thrush, urinary tract infections.Digestive Conditions – Allergies and intolerances, IBS, reflux, ulcerative colitis.Stress, Anxiety and FatigueSleep Disorders

Catherine has obtained a degree in health science Naturopathy and is a current member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia. 

NHAA #157037.