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Weleda (132 products)


Weleda is the world’s leading manufacturer of certified natural and organic skin care and one of the best-known providers of anthroposophic pharmaceuticals.


Started in 1921 by humanitarian and philosopher Rudolf Steiner, Weleda’s aim is to maintain, support and restore human health. We do this with pride, and with social, environmental and economic responsibility. Weleda has received prestigious awards for our commitment to sustainability.


Weleda strives to source only the finest ingredients from biodynamic, organic and wild crafted suppliers. We don’t just buy organic ingredients on the open market, we work in partnership with growers to ensure we know where the ingredients are grown, what the soil is like, and how and when the plants are harvested, distilled or processed. It’s our attention to detail that ensures maximum vitality and potency of the ingredients in our products.


It’s for these reasons that Weleda is certified by NATRUE, which has the highest international criteria for natural and organic finished products, not just the ingredients.


Weleda’s extensive range of natural and organic products include: face, body, oral, deodorants, toothpastes, bath & shower, Weleda baby and mother care and natural medicines. All are entirely free from synthetic ingredients. Some of Weleda’s most loved products include Weleda skin food cream, Weleda teething powder, Weleda nursing tea, Weleda nappy cream, Weleda stretch mark oil and Weleda calendula cream.


Not only are Weleda products a wonderful way to nurture your family they also make beautiful gifts for the people you care most about.


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