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Orthoplex is a leading, practitioner only nutritional supplementation range, known for its integrity, biochemical founding and nutritional focus. The team behind Orthoplex is committed to providing practitioners with cutting edge formulations.


Healthcare practitioners have used Orthoplex products for over 30 years with the knowledge that they are prescribing the highest-grade nutritional supplements available. Henry Osiecki is the founder of the Orthoplex products, and originally designed these with a philosophy of nutritional support through synergistic formula. These formulations are designed to combine therapeutic doses of nutrients, together with synergistic nutrient cofactors. This ensures the nutrients work collectively on specific biochemical pathways that need to be manipulated to facilitate a positive response.


Orthoplex has a range of products suitable for supporting healthy function of all body systems. Some very well- known and effective orthoplex products include-


 Cardiovascular system (Orthoplex Magopticell, Orthoplex lymphodran plus)


 Digestive system (Orthoplex Hydrozyme, Orthoplex Multiflora, Orthoplex Intestaclear)


Immune system (Orthoplex Ultra Buffered C powder, Orthoplex Xymin)


 Nervous system (Orthoplex Magnesium, Orthoplex Activated B6, Orthoplex Same)


 Orthoplex products are also targeted specifically at factors such as inflammation, mitochondrial function and oxidation.

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