Herbs Of Gold

The unique nature of Herbs of Gold products’ comes from the combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients used throughout the range; showcasing a holistic approach employed by Herbs of Gold in the development their products.


When it comes to vitamin supplements, few brands enjoy the level of popularity in Australia as Herbs of Gold. Founded in 1989, Herbs of Gold are consistently expanding and improving its range of herbal and nutritional supplements.


Herbs of Gold are a health-food-only brand, meaning these quality products are only available through health food stores. Mr Vitamins is the top retailer for Herbs of Gold in Australia.


By dedicating themselves to keeping up with the latest research and developments in herbs and nutrients, Herbs of Gold is a brand that continues to develop the highest quality vitamin supplements that are on the market today.


Our team of qualified Nutritionists, Naturopaths, and natural health professionals here at Mr Vitamins recognise this, and we're proud to be online Herbs of Gold Stockists.


Herbs of Gold products’ are formulated using a combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals. The company adopts a holistic approach in the development of each of their products. Whatever your issue, whatever your vitamin or mineral deficiency, Herbs of Gold have a quality supplement to cater for your requirements.


Some of the Best Products from Herbs of Gold

The Herbs of Gold range includes supplements for

  • Adult Men
  • Adult Women
  • Young Children
  • Over 50's and
  • Teenagers.

Among some of their most popular products are Herbs of Gold Women's Multi, a super multivitamin formula developed especially for women. The male equivalent, Herbs of Gold Men's Multi supplement, is an equally popular multivitamin developed especially to meet the nutritional needs of adult men.


Children adore the Herbs of Gold Children's Multi Care chewable multivitamins because of their delicious strawberry-vanilla flavour. Thanks to Herbs of Gold and their careful product manufacture, encouraging children to take a multivitamin has never been easier.


The Herbs of Gold range also caters for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, offering a range of supplements for nutritional support. The Herbs of Gold Nausea Relief is a great choice for mums-to-be who are feeling the pains of morning sickness.


The Pregnancy Plus 1-2-3 supplement provides complete nutritional support for expectant mothers. Herbs of Gold Breastfeeding Support is a great supplement for new mothers as it offers a herbal combination that stimulates the production of breast milk in nursing mothers, thus improving lactation.


The Herbs of Gold range is also very popular due to its range of specialist supplements. For example, the best-seller Herbs of Gold Clear Skin supplement combines herbs with skin healing properties with nutrients required for the maintenance of healthy skin. Together, this combination results in an all-powerful natural skin supplement.


Other best-selling specialist supplements include

  • Herbs of Gold Hayfever & Sinus Ease
  • Herbs of Gold Collagen
  • Herbs of Gold Echinacea Complex
  • Herbs of Gold Raspberry Leaf and
  • Herbs of Gold Anxiety Ease tablets


If you're looking to buy Herbs of Gold online in Australia, Mr Vitamins is your complete one-stop-shop. We stock a wide range of nutritional supplements from their leading high quality brand of vitamins.


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